Overview - Web Maintenance Services

Website Maintenance Solutions

VISHTECH provide cost-effective and reliable outsourced website maintenance service to our clients. Outsourced website maintenance is a good idea where you can eliminate the need to hire full time IT Staff or professional to maintain your enterprise / corporate website.

Website is the only media you can change the content at any time as you wish compare to the tradisional advertising media such as Newspapers / Magazine / Poster / Banner / Flyers printings. So why not you make use this opportunities by doing frequent updates with latest information to your prospect or clients?. What you have to do is just provide us the details and our well trained maintenance team will execute requested job and inform you once done with the changes.

By knowing the importance of website update VISHTECH has introduced 2 simple web maintenance plan to our clients as below:


1. Lite Maintenance Plan

Hours / Task
  • 5 Hours Content updates or 5 Pages of A4 content updates
  • 5 Hours Banner updates or 5 Banner updates
  • 5 Hours Photo gallery updates or 20 jpeg Photos + Compression updates
  • Full backup services after update through cPanel to DVD (maximum 4GB) 
RM 300.00
 RM 1800.00


2. Heavy Maintenance Plan

Hours / Task
  • 24 Hours Content updates or 50 Pages of A4 content updates
  • 24 Hours Banner updates or 15 Banner updates
  • 24 Hours Photo gallery updates or 100 jpeg Photos + Compression updates
  • Full backup services after update on cPanel to DVD (maximum 4GB) 
RM 800.00
 RM 4800.00



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is there any contract on this maintenance services?
Yes, Both our package (Lite Maintenance Plan and Heavy Maintenance Plan) have contract. In case you wish to cancel the contract you are required to inform us 14 days before next billing date.


Can I know in what format do I need to provide you the content?
Any update request the content must be in digital editorial format. Any content / photos supply on hardcopy will incur extra charges to re-write to digital format upon request.


Upon completion of the updated job, Can I do any changes on it again?
No changes allowed. Your request will be regarded as a new request. We only acccept the changes  related to technical issues done from our side and will be fixed with no charges. 


Is it possible to extent additional hours?
Yes. please contact our sales team for additional quote.


Can I pay for the maintenance services after completion of the update job?
No. All the payment must be made up-front. The job will only be executed upon receipt of the payment.